I'm a creative director, brand strategist, and copywriter.


You learn a lot in this line of work. 

Did you know that if a person dies in a house, companies that specialize in cleaning up biological materials are called in to remove the body? Were you aware that if you wanted to open up a school, you have to get a license from the state? That a kid who ages out of the foster care system at age 18 will essentially become homeless? Or that graduates of all girls schools are more likely to plan on going to grad school?

These are the kind of interesting facts you pick up when you work as a copywriter. And even though learning is fun, what you really get good at is figuring out how to turn those facts into copy that pulls people in, and makes them want to learn more, too. 

Then, when you get to be a creative director, you find out how you can bring together so many additional elements, like color and type and motion and sound and images, to elevate your words. 

I haven't even mentioned strategy yet, which gives us a foundation and a road map and gets us all on the same page as far as what the heck we're even trying to do.  

All that stuff up there? I find it interesting and challenging and an awesome way to spend time. It's my career, and I love it. 

Right now, I spend my time as a full-time freelancer. I help brands express themselves in a clear, authentic way that connects with their audiences. That translates to lots of copywriting, and a fair amount of strategy and creative direction.

Before now, I spent time at these places:

Cyanna, Director of Brand and Marketing
Ologie, Associate Creative Director
Freelance copywriter
ICC, HR and Communications Manager