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How I entertain myself, sometimes.


Responses to the overly enthusiastic adult spectator at your 10 year old’s sporting event.

Yes! Aside from the five fouls they’ve called against the other team, they haven’t called any fouls against the other team!

You’re right about the ref. He seems to have some sort of ocular impairment, like cataracts or glaucoma or macular degeneration. He should seek treatment!

You’re absolutely right about this coaching staff. It’s as if they have other jobs and are doing this on a volunteer basis!

I’m not sure how they ever expect to win, but I could research that and get back with you Tuesday.

Foul shots should be 10 times easier when you’re down by one, being observed by 100 ravenous parents, and are 3.5 feet tall! Because adrenaline!!

I don’t, in fact, know what is wrong with these players. It’s like this is a recreation league with teams of pre-pubescent girls!

Agreed, but I think today’s refs prefer “intellectually disabled.”

Now it does seem like the entire team is afflicted with a similar eye disease. Perhaps it’s catching?

I too feel a sinking despair from this monumental loss!

Oh definitely. Being part of a team is such a constructive and valuable experience for these girls!

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