Made-up stuff

How I entertain myself, sometimes.


I see what they were talking about

Life feels long.
Finally, I no longer choose between
eating out and paying rent.
My opinion seems to matter more
with experience to back it up.
My kids are grown up enough to get jokes,
watch real movies, and use the bathroom on their own.
This is the place I’ve always wanted to be in my life.

This is the place I’ve never wanted to be in my life.
Lines on my face show where I smile, 
even when my face is resting.
That groove between my eyes seems permanent. 
You know how you think you’ll never die? I don’t think that now.
The people who once cared for me now need my care,
and so many people I loved are gone and not coming back.
Life feels fleeting.

PoemLaura Rees