Made-up stuff

How I entertain myself, sometimes.



If a man shouts he’ll snap every bone in your body, 
and you have all 206 bones, 
do you wonder if he really has that kind of time?

When a woman screams she’ll have your head on a platter,
do you imagine a shining apple
nestled between your teeth and two lemon wedges on either side?

Some people intimidate us in even less original ways.
For example, Bryan Josephs (from work) once said to me
I’ll make you pay for that,

and even though he deleted my slides
five minutes before the biggest presentation of my career
and turned Jane the marketing girl against me

so she gave me terrible marks on my review
and my boss didn’t give me the promotion I deserved,
I have never paid him one single dime.

PoemLaura Rees